Czech language courses and career counselling

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About the course

Are you a third-country (non-EU) national who is not employed in the Czech Republic at the moment? Are you struggling to find a job here due to language and cultural barriers? We would like to offer you a spot in a program that will help you to:

  • improve your Czech language skills or get you started on your Czech language journey,
  • get an idea about the Czech job market, employment contract types and job search strategies,
  • better understand what are your options regarding employment in CR concerning your individual situation.
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What does the programme offer?

  • Czech language course (1,5h-2h/week, total 39 hours)
  • Czech job market introduction workshop (2 sessions x 7 hours)
  • Individual career counselling (2 sessions x 2 hours)

All activities are provided in Czech (with English interpretation) or in English language.

Czech language course

The Czech language course is aimed at mastering basic life situations and, for more advanced students, at mastering vocabulary related to the labour market and preparation for job seeking in the Czech Republic.

Workshop – introduction to the Czech labour market

During two workshops, basic information about the Czech labour market and job search strategies in the Czech Republic will be presented. The following topics will be covered: basics of labour law, contractual relations, resume, job search in the Czech Republic, Czech corporate culture, etc.

Individual career counselling

Individual career counselling follows after the group workshops. During two sessions, the client and the job counsellor will focus on the client’s specific situation and together they will look for a solution corresponding to the client’s skills and the situation in the Czech labour market.

Sounds good! How can I enrol?

Please register by scanning the QR code / this link and our coordinator will contact you with further details.

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Am I eligible to join the course?

There are two main conditions to join the project, you are:

  • Third-country (non-EU) national,
  • Not working in Czechia at the moment or you are registered at the labour office,
  • In case you are currently working you might be eligible under certain circumstances but we will need some further information to determine that, please get in touch with our coordinator.

Practical information about the course

  • How long does one lesson take? 1,5h or 2h weekly.
  • Where? MS Pakt office – Varenská 1414/1, Ostrava, see How to get here
  • How many students are in the group? Up to 15 students in one group.
  • How much is the course? It is free of charge.
  • When? Current course is at full capacity. The next course will be in the fall of 2024, and it is also possible to save your spot now.

For further information please contact our coordinator – Mrs. Romana Šperlíková –

Activities are implemented within the projectPodpora zaměstnanosti v rámci regionálních partnerství paktů zaměstnanosti“.

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